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Oran Park Town

Our long standing and successful partnership with Greenfields Development Company is nearing completion and has created an exceptional award- winning legacy. Together we have broken new ground to deliver this important town centre in one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney.

Oran Park Town is more than a suburb, today it is a modern town with a growing community. Oran Park Town was designed from the central Town Park outwards to set the scene for the green and sustainable vision
of Landcom and Greenfield Development Company in collaboration with Camden City Council.

Oran Park Town demonstrates a new approach to providing urban centres that meet the housing needs as well as the education, employment, health and recreational needs of new greenfield communities. Oran Park Town is focused on lifelong education, quality infrastructure and amenities, a diversity of places to live and neighbourhoods that are easy to walk around.

Housing diversity and innovation

The masterplan established a variety of homesites to promote diverse housing types, offered through the extensive onsite Home Display Village. Along with terrace homesites, compact house lots, standard sized lots and semi-rural lots as well as integrated retirement accommodation and aged care facilities, Oran Park Town provides diverse and affordable housing.

Innovative for 2008, we installed high-speed optical fibre infrastructure to deliver telecommunications to every home and support the education and village connected atmosphere. From 2016 to 2018 we hosted a Smart Work Hub startup initiative with Western Sydney University.

Environmental design and infrastructure

Water sensitive urban design at Oran Park Town includes a water quality management strategy that uses combined raingardens and detention basins to improve local riparian corridors. 

Sustainability has been integrated into the landscape and public domain to deliver high quality streetscapes and public open spaces that optimise environmental sustainability and enhance shade and environmental comfort to users and residents. 

We resolved trunk water and sewer services issues for the wider region including constructing three sewage pumping stations. We also delivered major lead-in road infrastructure.

Social infrastructure excellence

We implemented a social plan concurrently with the delivery of infrastructure to create a place of sustainable living. Our masterplan included more than $142 million of infrastructure, public spaces and community facilities, making this one of the largest Voluntary Planning Agreement in NSW at the time.

There are now four schools open in the Town, a retirement village, childcare facility, Camden Council headquarters, Remote Work Hub, integrated Medical Centre and an integrated retail and commercial centre linked by the extensive pedestrian and cycle network, across the 50ha town centre.

The four schools adjoin parks and sports fields to encourage dual use and healthy living.

The award-winning community infrastructure includes a new Library and Community Centre, Brabham Reserve sports fields, Julia Reserve Skate Park and Youth Precinct and Kolombo Reserve Sporting Complex.

We worked closely with Council throughout development and created and implemented a community development and Community Welcome Program, community newsletters, monthly markets and a social infrastructure plan.

Oran Park Town heritage

The heritage of Oran Park Town is essential to the place we see today. A former raceway and dairy farm, our masterplan layout interprets the original race track,
and street names honour motor racing greats. We also interpreted the area’s farming history in the project design.

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